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Mosaic Wall Art for Kids

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Involving children in woodworking projects can be a fantastic way to foster their creativity and teach them valuable skills. Let’s adapt a live edge mosaic wall art project to be kid-friendly:

Live Edge Mosaic Wall Art for Kids

Materials Needed:

  • Pine, oak, redwood, and fir live edge slabs in varying lengths, thicknesses, and widths
  • Plywood or backing board (dimension will depend on desired size of the art)
  • Non-toxic wood glue (suitable for kids)
  • Sandpaper (varying grits, lower grits for ease of sanding)
  • Water-based wood finish or sealant (non-toxic)
  • Safety goggles and gloves (kid-sized)
  • Hand saw or small saw appropriate for kids
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Paintbrushes and non-toxic paint (optional for embellishments)


  1. Design Planning:
    • Involve the children in brainstorming and sketching out a simple design or pattern for the wall art. Encourage their creativity and ideas.
  2. Preparation:
    • Select live edge slabs and lay them out based on their shapes and sizes. Let the children handle and explore the different textures and grains.
  3. Backing Board Preparation:
    • Cut the plywood or backing board to the desired size for the wall art. Ensure kids are supervised or assist them in using tools for cutting.
  4. Arranging the Slabs:
    • Guide the children in arranging the slabs on the backing board according to their design. Allow them to experiment with shapes and patterns under supervision.
  5. Cutting and Shaping:
    • Using a kid-friendly saw (appropriate for their age and skill level), let them help cut the slabs if needed to fit the design. Ensure proper safety precautions.
  6. Sand and Finish:
    • Assist the children in sanding the edges and surfaces of the slabs using lower grit sandpaper to make it easier for them. Emphasize safety while sanding.
    • Apply a non-toxic wood finish or sealant with the kids, letting them participate in brushing it onto the wood.
  7. Assembling:
    • Assist the children in using non-toxic wood glue to attach the slabs to the backing board. Guide them in clamping the slabs in place and allow ample time for drying.
  8. Embellishments (Optional):
    • If desired, let the children add some artistic touches using non-toxic paint to enhance the design or add details.
  9. Mounting:
    • Help the kids install hanging hardware or brackets on the back of the backing board for easy mounting on the wall.
  10. Display:
    • Hang the completed live edge mosaic wall art in a special place where the kids can proudly showcase their collaborative creation!

Remember, supervising and guiding kids throughout each step ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Encourage their involvement, praise their efforts, and celebrate their creativity in making something beautiful together!

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