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Custom Crafted by Mountain Dog Millworks, Inc.

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About this item

Elevate your space with the distinctive charm of Mountain Dog Millworks’ Round and Oval Live Edge Cookies, available in Pine, Oak, Redwood, and Fir. Crafted with precision in our Tehachapi, California workshop, these slabs showcase the natural allure of each wood species. Sourced from our responsibly and sustainably harvested timber on the mountain estate, these slabs feature live edges that accentuate the organic contours of the trees. The round and oval shapes add a touch of uniqueness to these pieces, providing a canvas for custom designs in materials, colors, bases, and finishes. Whether you’re envisioning a captivating tabletop or a statement furniture piece, these live edge slabs bring together the rustic beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of Mountain Dog Millworks, creating a truly bespoke addition to your living space.



Our talented craftsmen carefully package the furniture built for your order in various ways. Our craftsmen dislike seeing their beautiful work get accidentally or negligently damaged during the delivery process. We know that you don’t want to receive damaged furniture, or experience the resulting delays, either. We package and crate all furniture with this in mind. 


Upon receiving your shipment, and before signing Bill of Lading (BOL)/freight release, inspect the exterior packaging for noticeable and obvious damages. If damage to the crate is severe you have the option of immediately refusing delivery of your order or to inspect the contents before accepting. If you notice damage to the exterior of the package and decide to accept the shipment, please access your purchased items and inspect them carefully for damage. Damage to exterior packaging and/or purchased items must have pictures taken and sent to Mountain Dog Millworks, Inc. (“MDM”), and be noted on the BOL/freight release at the time of delivery. If damage is not noted on the BOL/freight release, or, you do not report the damage to MDM within 3 days of delivery, we cannot file a damage claim with the freight company and you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs. This is never something we want to see our customers experience. 

Immediately call MDM and describe the damage to the packaging or purchased items. If the noted damage is repairable, we will immediately send out the necessary replacement parts. If you believe, and we are in agreement (through review of damage description, photos, videos, etc), that your furniture is beyond repair and needs to be partially or fully rebuilt, the furniture will be returned to us at no additional shipping expense to you. If there is major or extensive damage to the piece, and you are out right rejecting the delivery, it is your responsibility to leave the contents in the package, or repackage them, so the shipper can return the shipment for credit. Remember, the signed BOL/freight release must note any damages. 

It is our goal to get you your furniture in pristine condition. We thank you for your order and hope your furniture brings many years of happiness. 


Due to Delivering Company: Damage to a customer’s property that is caused by the delivering company is the responsibility of the delivering company. This includes but is not limited to interior damage such as flooring and wall scuffs, damage to carpets/rugs, exterior damage such as to the yard, fencing or structures. Claims must be filed between the customer and the delivering company. MDM cannot file these claims but can assist in getting them started if requested. 

Due to Product Itself: Damage to a customer’s property that is caused by elements of the materials the products are crafted from, such as natural oils expelling from the wood, or mold growth due to improper placement/utilization of leveling hardware to allow air flow, are not the responsibility of MDM. 



  • Orders may be cancelled within 72 hours of placement with a $100 processing fee, and prior to shipment 
  • Orders cancelled after 72 hours of placement or after being shipped are subject to a 25% cancellation fee plus any Shipping & Handling fees 
  • Processing fees for order changes vary. Call for details 
  • Custom orders may not be cancelled or returned 


Please note that your furniture is being made to order, especially for you. Once an order is placed, we do our best to expedite crafting so your furniture will arrive to your home asap. When possible, we contact your craftsman the day of your order and the process of purchasing wood and scheduling crafting begins. Because finished pieces have been made for a specific customer it is very difficult for us to re-sell cancelled orders. 


You can avoid cancellation fees by letting us know if your order is tentative and asking us to hold it for a few days prior to putting the process of crafting in motion. 


  • Rule #1, Measure twice, cut once. Make sure your furniture will fit in your space prior to ordering from MDM 
  • Returns will be accepted within 30 days after delivery, unless, unless custom ordered 
  • Custom, showroom items and special orders may not be returned 
  • Items must be in “as-new” condition. If damage is evident, Mountain Dog Millworks, Inc. (“MDM”) reserves the right to charge a reasonable restoration charge 
  • Pending inspection, a credit or refund will be issued for the item value less a 25% restocking fee 
  • The cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer however we are happy to assist with shipping logistics upon request 


If you are unable to take delivery of your furniture when crafting is complete, please contact us to arrange for temporary storage. 

  • We offer complimentary storage of furniture for up to 14 days after completion 
  • Furniture stored for more than 14 days after the date of completion (and less than 3 months) is subject to a storage fee of 3% of the purchase price per month 
  • After 3 months the price of furniture storage increases to 5% of the purchase price per month 
  • We are unable to store furniture longer than 6 months unless special arrangements are agreed upon in writing and in advance 


Orders are considered abandoned after 6 months of storage if the customer has not made special arrangements in writing. Abandoned orders are subject to a 50% restocking fee, plus Shipping & Handling charges 


Sun Shining Through the Trees

Dedication to Quality and Sustainability

Mountain Dog Millworks, nestled in the scenic mountains of Tehachapi, California, epitomizes the art of custom millwork, offering a unique collection of handmade creations. Renowned for their dedication to quality and sustainability, each piece is crafted from locally harvested, milled, and kiln-dried timber from their mountain estate. The workshop is a hub of innovation, where custom designs meet traditional craftsmanship, resulting in furniture and woodwork that are not only tailored to individual tastes but are also reflections of the rich, natural beauty of their surroundings. From the selection of materials to the application of custom finishes, Mountain Dog Millworks is committed to producing pieces that are sustainable, beautiful, and made to last, making them a distinguished choice for those seeking to imbue their spaces with the warmth and character of handcrafted wood.

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