Free shipping in the continental USA on custom made items with a minimum purchase of $500.00
refers to a promotional offer where the cost of shipping is waived for orders meeting specific criteria. In this case, the offer applies to custom made items and is limited to customers residing within the continental United States.

To qualify for free shipping, customers must make a minimum purchase of $500.00 (excluding sales taxes). This means that the total value of the items in the order, before any applicable taxes are applied, must reach or exceed $500.00.

The offer applies specifically to custom made items, indicating that the products being purchased are tailored or personalized according to the customer’s specifications. These items are typically made-to-order and require additional time and effort for production.

By offering free shipping, the seller covers the cost of delivering the purchased items to the customer’s specified location within the continental USA. 

It is important to note that free shipping typically applies only to the cost of standard shipping methods. If the customer opts for expedited shipping or any special delivery services, additional charges may apply.